nopixgo® NPG433

nopixgo® NPG433

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    nopixgo® Mosquito Protection Wristband


    Mosquito-bites itch and can transfer dangerous diseases, like Malaria, Yellow- and Dengue-fever. Nopixgo® is a newly developed electronic Hi-tech Mosquito Bite Protection Wristband, invented and produced in Switzerland which keeps mosquitoes from biting.


    Weight and measurements

    15 g, 32mm x 22,6 mm x 9,3 mm

    Protection zone

    Ø ~2 m

    LED display

    Blinking white: Protection active

    Blinking red: low charge

    Blue light: Charging


    Prevents the risk of mosquito bites


    Splash proof Micro USB Charging port

    Operating temperature

    -20 °C to + 60 °C (surroundings)

    Battery and charging

    Battery time:  up to 5 days 

    Charging time: ca. 1 hour via micro USB

    integrated, rechargeable long-lif lithium-ion battery with electronic protection


    The weak elecromagnetic fields which are emitted by nopixgo® are harmless for humans and animals  

    Approved by IEC and IECEE (IEC Nr. 16-EL-0331 SO1), FCC certified

    100% free of DEET and other chemicals

    Water protection

    splash water proof


    Non-irritant skin-friendly synthetic material

    Simple size adjustment through press stud

    Content and Packaging

    With your delivery you receive

    Odoo text and image block

    nopixgo® wristband (universal size)

    Micro USB cable


    sturdy metal canister with recycled paper


    Swiss Hi-tech instead of nasty Chemicals